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© 2022 Marlou Fernanda

An Echo Of The Past

Performance and Edit by Marlou Fernanda
As Part of The "On Collective Care and Togetherness" Exhibition at MAMA Rotterdam (2020)

“After my intimate live performance at MAMA Rotterdam I felt the need to take this concept into the streets. I had to express it one more time. After this live performance at Damsquare an older woman came to talk to me to tell me that I made her believe I was a refugee, in need of help. It made her question how to respond to me. Another man that wanted to help me in the moment told me afterwards that he has felt the same in the past, so it was only right for him to offer me a helping hand. The police also wanted to step in.

All this made me aware of the fact that I constantly repeat that I have to do everything on my own, and not once am I asking for help. Yet by screaming was I finally heard. This table symbolizes the constant heaviness on my chest that I decided to carry on my own. It’s a mindset that let’s you drown in loneliness even when you’re surrounded by people.

If you feel what I’m talking about, let’s try to get out of this mindset. Slowly but surely, together.

With Love.”