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© 2022 Marlou Fernanda

“I was once questioned why I feel the desire to bring a change in this world. It’s unreachable, for someone like me, is what was said. Well... that might be true. I might be a nobody and this performance might not do anything at all. Possibly true. But, I’ve had a vision and in my ability, I’ll continue to try and contribute to the bigger picture that will eventually lead to the change.

I’m manifesting that with each stone that’s being broken, the cycle of Racism, Racial Injustice and Police Brutality will be broken and so will the continuous hurt, pain and damage that these words bring, and have brought, for generations long.

We break cycles to release breakthrough, healing and blessings upon our lives and the lives of our children and their children. This doesn’t erase the history.

This is Generational Anger. This is how I’ll end 2020. In Power.

With Love.”